Non-Enzymatic Sensing of D-Sorbitol using Polyaniline-Coated Stainless Steel Electrodes

Subrata Mondal, Piyali Bhanja, M.V. Sangaranarayanan


The Potentiodynamic deposition of polyaniline on stainless steel electrodes has been carried out using the anionic surfactant sodium tetradecyl sulphate in the presence of acetic acid. The PANI-coated SS electrode was characterized using different spectroscopic and microscopic techniques. The efficacy of the electrode was analyzed for non-enzymatic sensing of D-sorbitol. Amperometric and impedimetric studies reveal the suitability of the electrode for sensing. A detection limit of 5 ?M along with a linear range spanning of 75637 ?M and sensitivity of 0.027 ?A ?M?1 is deduced from the amperometric analysis.


Polyaniline, D-Sorbitol, Amperometry, Impedimetry

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